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Spring into the 2019 Market

Each season not only changes our temperatures and surroundings but the real estate market as well. Winter is typically a period where both homes sales and the temperatures go cold. Spring is usually met with great anticipation by everyone in the real estate industry. Agents are looking forward to more on the listing side of things and for those working with buyers they finally have more inventory to show their clients.

This is always an important time for the real estate market in the triangle. Usually it is set to be the biggest time for sales and also an increase in value among homes. Buyers that have been waiting for more homes to view also spring into the market. There are a lot of multiple offer situations and in many cases, homes sell for over asking in just a matter of days. For example, look at what’s been going on in Durham co for the past year. We’ve seen the largest increase in home values within the triangle in Durham. If you’ve been considering listing your home now is a great opportunity!

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